Keep Your Guests and Staff Safe With the #1 Rated CE & FCC Certified Hands-Free Thermometer

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HappilyShop™ Automatic Infrared Thermometer

$99.99   $199.99

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✔️ 365 days Warranty

✔️ CE, FCC & ROHS Certified

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What Our Customers Say:

Nicole L.

This product is in my fitness studio and it is a GAME CHANGER. Forget purchasing a hand held device that an employee has to scan each person. This device allows individuals to scan themselves and enter based on their temperature. P.S. shorter people can also scan their wrist and it works just as good.

Easy to set up. You do need to purchase a battery if you don’t want it plugged in. The battery was EASY to find. Call your nearest Vape Shop and they carry the batteries.

Easy to use. Turn in 15 minutes prior to use and then stand in front of it and scan. I highly recommend this item.

Asif I.

Excellent purchase, highly recommended. I have it at the entrance of my house so that my guests can check their temperature before socializing in my house. A little trick to switch from C to F, there is a small hole in the back that you can stick a toothpick in and switch it without downloading the software.

Lori A.

Very fast scanning. Runs off USB cable or batteries. Alarms and flashes red lights when person is over a set limit temp. Single beep and green light for normal temp. Has threaded slot in bottom for Tripod mounting but we set it on the wall using the provided adhesive strips.

Irma H.

I install it for my company for all the employees will have their temperature checked before they can punch in, thank you so much this is a great product.

Sylvia P.

We mounted this device in office lobby and employees can walk-up and check their temperature any time, in private, and is non-evasive. Great product.

Dylan N.

I found it very easy and convenient to use this device for taking the forehead or wrist temp.

It can hang on the wall and people stand in front of the thermometer then close to it, you can see the detail temp in the large LCD screen, when you fever, the red light will flash.

From homes to restaurants, thousands of happy customers use our #1 rated CE & FCC certified automatic thermometer to keep their guests and staff safe.


Hands-Free & Automatic.

Works automatically without needing anyone to handle it, which helps avoiding cross-contamination.

Instant & Accurate Readings.

Scan your wrist or forehead and get instant and accurate readings with a response time of 0.5s and an accuracy level of ±0.2 degrees.

Alert Feature.

Blinking lights and alarm sound when it detects an abnormal temperature.

Mounting & Power Choices.

You can mount it on the wall using the provided adhesive strips, or on a tripod.

You can plug it using the provided USB cable, or insert "18650" batteries to use it wirelessly.

Tested & Certified.

All units are CE, FCC & ROHS certified and go through several quality control checks before they are delivered to customers. We offer a 365 days warranty for all units.

Package Includes

    • HappilyShop™ Automatic Infrared Thermometer
    • USB data cable
    • 2 x Adhesive strip
    • Instruction Manual


  • Charging Methods: USB Charging or batteries ("18650" type)
  • Measurement Distance: 5cm-10cm
  • Measurement Range: 0-50°C (0-122°F)
  • Response Time: 0.5s
  • Accuracy: ±0.2 degrees

HappilyShop™ Automatic Infrared Thermometer

$99.99   $199.99

✔️ Free 5-7 Days Shipping to the US

✔️ 365 days Warranty

✔️ CE, FCC & ROHS Certified

Limited Stock Remaining

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